Saturday, January 17, 2009

Top Ten Best Books I Read in 2008

My first Best Books I Read in 2008 list consists of those books that were first published in 2008. I plan to do another list of books I read this year that were published elsewhen (if it's not a word, it should be), but who knows when that might happen?...

When compiling this list, I noticed (but was not particularly surprised by) two aspects:

1. This is the fourth year I've done a list, and at least one Hard Case Crime book has been on it every year. This year is no exception; two of their books made the list.

2. Many authors from this year are repeats from previous years' "best of" lists. Whether this means that I need to expand my reading horizons, or that I've simply made good choices in the authors I read regularly, I don't know. As always, comments are welcome.

So, here they are, alphabetically by author. The links go to the more detailed reviews I wrote when I first read them.

  1. Charles Ardai, Fifty-to-One
  2. Tom Bradley, Lemur
  3. Edward Bunker, Stark
  4. Max Allan Collins, The First Quarry
  5. Patrick Culhane, Red Sky in Morning
  6. Ray Garton, Ravenous
  7. Harold Jaffe, Jesus Coyote
  8. Joe R. Lansdale, Leather Maiden
  9. David J. Schow, Gun Work
  10. Matthew Warner, Horror Is Not a 4-Letter Word
(In the interest of total disclosure, I received free review copies of all but one of these, and I got that one from the library. Hooray for free books! Also, I usually try to limit the list to one book per author. But since Patrick Culhane is actually Max Allan Collins, and it's technically another name, I've made an exception due to that technicality.)

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