Friday, August 28, 2009

September is Hard Case Crime Month at Somebody Dies!

In August 2004, I came across an article in the Boston Herald touting a new imprint from Dorchester Publishing: Hard Case Crime. The concept intrigued me — recapturing back the style of the lurid paperback originals from the post–World War II era — and I recognized the name of the founder, Charles Ardai: I'd reviewed a short story of his for the online review publication, Green Man Review.

So, I sent Charles an e-mail asking to review the books and was surprised to learn he'd read my review of his story and liked it. He said yes, and I've been reviewing the Hard Case Crime books ever since. It's hard to believe it's been five years ... until I look back on all the reviews I've written.

In honor of Hard Case Crime's fifth anniversary, it's Hard Case Crime Month here at Somebody Dies. Beginning Tuesday, September 1, I'll be reprinting my reviews of the first 40 books — from Lawrence Block's Grifter's Game to Christa Faust's Money Shot (the rest are already here).

If you've been a fan from the start, this hopes to be a fond trip down memory lane. And if you're new to the line, you're in for a treat (if I may be so bold). So, spread the word and let people know about the Hard Case Crime birthday party here in September. Everybody's invited!


KentAllard said...

Cool. I can't think of a modern imprint I've liked as much as HCC. The covers alone are worth the purchase price.

P.M. said...

Very cool, look forward to reading them. I've been planning to do a best of HCC series of posts at my blog naming and briefly reviewing my 5 favorite HCC's. I'll think I'll finally do that and join you in making September HCC month. What have your favorites been?

Craig Clarke said...

Thanks to you both. I'm rather looking forward to seeing how it pans out.

My favorite so far has been The Last Match by David Dodge. That review will be up on the 15th.

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