Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hard Case Crime discovery

I was perusing the "stacks" over at Amazon and accidentally came across some interesting information. I looks like the first Hard Case Crime reprints under the new contract with Titan Publishing will be coming out on February 22.

I haven't checked each title individually, but a quick look over at the Amazon listings suggests that at least a dozen, and closer to two dozen, titles will be hitting store shelves once again. So, for those readers who have been waiting to catch up on their collection until the folks involved would actually get royalties for your purchase (and I know this includes quite a few of you), your wait will soon be over.

And it's a good thing that some catching up will be possible now, because the new books in the line — Christa Faust's Choke Hold (the sequel to the almost universally acclaimed Money Shot) and Max Allan Collins's Quarry's Ex (latest in the series that spawned the movie The Last Lullaby) — are still not scheduled to arrive until much later in 2011.

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