Friday, March 23, 2012

Too Poor for Texas by Joe Donn Martin (short stories)

Since, as a reviewer, I come across quite a lot of writing that was not quite ready to be published, it makes the good ones all the more special. Too Poor for Texas was a particularly pleasant surprise.

It took me a long time to get through this collection, but not for the usual reason. It was the high quality of the stories and the writing that made sure I didn't just speed through.

Author Joe Donn Martin's cast of Texans are rich and real, and they refused to be forgotten immediately. Thus, I had to take my time and savor each story and each character's struggles before continuing on to the next.

Each tale is so different from the one before that Too Poor for Texas felt more like an anthology than a collection, and since Martin is a new author, his ability to inhabit the varied individuals is especially remarkable. Though each story stands on its own as is, the depth of character is such that I could easily see their lives lending themselves to longer works.

I don't usually announce this so boldly, but Too Poor for Texas comes with my highest recommendation.

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