Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Author Patrick D'Orazio reviews Living After Midnight

Patrick D'Orazio is the author of two novels (Comes the Dark and Into the Dark), with a third coming to complete his Dark trilogy. He has also written several short stories.

About Living After Midnight, he had to say:

"Each of these stories had their own magic to them, and given the theme, it allowed each other to tinker around and come up with something different at each turn. Demons and devils and angels and mythological creatures abound, along with good old fashion monsters. This is a good variety pack of scary stories for someone looking for just that — a wide assortment of horror with a supernatural bent, which almost all these tales have. I plowed through this book inside of a few hours — it was an easy read, and a satisfying one as well."

Read the rest of the review at his blog.

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